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Chanterelle Menu - 29,50 euros

Marinated salmon with fennel mousse.

Scallops and shrimps cocktail with chives sauce.

« Rouennaise » style duck pâté. 

Veal's head in vinegar sauce.


Roasted Codfish with spinach, "beurre blanc" sauce.

Duck fillet with honey and apple sauce.

 Entrecôte, red wine and shallots sauce.

Veal medallion in cider sauce.

Poached Skate fish in sorrel cream.


Cheese board or Cottage cheese with creme fraiche.


Ice-cold nougat with Benedictine-liqueur.

Warm apple tart (please order at thebeginning of the meal).

Pear and Neufchatel cheese tart. 

(please order at thebeginning of the meal).

Pear pudding with raspberry sauce.

Chocolate cake with melty heart and orange custard. 

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